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Looking for Affordable Luxury which can suit your interior, or may be a Meaningful Art for You or to give to someone special ?

You can find the perfect match for your requirements here..


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Art Services

What’s Possible with Art

Art can add soul, and character to any Place, Events, Customized Art décor , Artistic pieces that is unique and represents you and your vision..

checkout possible Art projects and possibilities ..

Mural painting in Well being center Dubai
Live painting at Book Launch
Kids Art Event with Snehita

Mural ( Wall Painting )

Murals ( Wall paintings ) can add a personal touch and character to any space , Be it Home, Office, School, club, restaurant, recreational places, Public places or any possible wall could get a make over..
Murals are very eye catching and nowadays a very common photo stop for Social media enthusiasts, many companies also prefer to add Murals which can show their company ethics, and connects employees with the organization.

Live painting for Events

Your event can add an artistic touch, be it a new Product launch, Book launch wedding, family event, party or any official event, capture the essence of your event in Painting..
Live painting is a very interesting way to keep your guest engaged and entertained for your special day and you also get a hand painted personalized and unique Artwork.

Kids Event , Art workshop 

Kids events and workshops provide them to explore and learn so many creative ways to express themselves and find their own interest , inspiration and create some amazing master pieces.
Kids events like Birthdays, tea party, summer camps, winter camps, pop up workshops, Art camps, outdoor, indoor activities with Art and crafts, DIY projects.



Wish to take the artworks to your Home , Room or Gift to someone and show your Love , Please feel free to contact, I would like to send my Original, Handmade Artworks to their new Home where they will be cherished..

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