How to become " Licensed Artist" In Dubai , UAE

Updated: Feb 28

Hello, and Welcome to Luxy Flare Art world, I am Snehita, a Licensed Artist based in Dubai, UAE. A week ago I got license for my art business & shared on my Instagram & other social media about it, So many people (Artists) have asked me questions like;

  • How to become a Licensed Artist?

  • What all do we need?

  • How to Apply?

  • Where to Apply?

  • How much Does it Cost?

  • What benefit does it have?

  • What am I missing?

In this post I have tried my best to address these questions .

How to become a Licensed Artist?

I have been in UAE for more than 9 years now, I have always respected the Law of the Land, for some it can be very strict, but at the same time following rules and guidance by government is very important here, if you are fine with " Fines " then leave it. Hehe.. jokes apart, to be an Artist is easy but to sell your Art here in UAE, you need to ensure that you can do it legally i.e. have proper license / documents. There are many different categories and options depending upon your budget and requirements. One of them is getting Freelancer / E-Trader License (Which I am blessed with, I mean I just Got it)

What benefit does it have?

This E-Trader License / freelancer License gives you permission to promote and sell your art on social media, Website locally and internationally. Its specifically registered with a person name or the business name you wish to use and is only for a chosen Category like "Paintings & Calligraphy “ in my case. If you are an Artist and get this License you are free to sell your artwork online ( kindly confirm if its permitted for Physical selling).

I am now selling my artworks on my Facebook (@luxyflarelf ) , Instagram( @snehiart) & website

How to Apply? Where to Apply? What all do we need?

To Apply for this License, if you are in Dubai, you can go to DED Café, 40 Jumeirah St. Dubai – United Arab Emirates ( Website ) and apply by filling up a registration Form. The Document you will need is your Emirates ID Only.

Yes this is an office and Café where you can talk with representatives and they will guide and answer all your questions regarding your need, license and rules. Kindly prepare all your questions so that you have no confusion whatsoever.

In registration form fill up your name, contact, website, social media handles, Makani number, and what niche you prefer (Painting and calligraphy was selected in my case) .Once registration form was done, it was linked to Emirates Id (You need your original Emirates ID for card reader and finger print validation), followed by payment and was done. Yes, it’s that easy, Trust me.

How much Does it Cost?

Well depending upon the package or services you choose, Mine is simple E -Trader / Freelancer License It was approx. 1420 AED, It may differ if you choose any package which includes galley facilities or exhibition, shop, training, teaching, workshop all features included in this.

Better to decide what's your objective is and asking all your queries and then decide. This is just what my experience is and how my process went with the license process.

What am I missing?

Well to be honest if you are an artist and make for hobby it’s not required, but if you wish to sell your artwork you must read all rules and conditions and apply accordingly to be on safer side. If it’s not legal then you should never do it. I recommend that you do as the rules and guidelines say.

I wish you a very happy and Artistic career and life ahead. Hope It was useful and cleared your doubts, if still have any query feel free to drop a message or get connected via social channels.

You can find me (Follow / join / Friend ) here and happily able to sell it on my Facebook (@luxyflarelf ) , Instagram( @snehiart), website

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