Are you a free spirit ?
Freedom can have different meaning for every person.
Beyond the boundaries, independent and not constrained by conventions.
Free spirit means a person who thinks and acts in an uninhibited way without worrying about normal social rules.

That person can be termed as a complex person by others but they are showing the real passionate approach towards life, they can be extraordinary ,with beautiful soul and loving personality, and yes they live despite fear,they are explorers, they are honest, and not very good at pleasing others.. but yes they can be loved for what they truly are, they should be accepted and respected. they can give a new dimension to life..

Are you a Free Spirit ?
who do you think is a free spirit in your life ? have you met anyone like this? This Painting can be a great gift Idea for such Free Spirit In your Life.


If you really really like this Painting and would Like to discuss about Price or any other querry , you are most welcome, We can have a chat regarding that and can make it possible and you can have this beautiful Artwork. We believe in that art really need the perfect owner and hone where it will be cherished forever, and if the painting connect you and feel.


Acrylic colours on 50x60 cm professional canvas stretched on wooden frame.


Free Spirit

  • Painting Size : 50x70 CM  OR 19.6 inches x 27.5 Inches

    Wooden Frame, Stretched Canvas

    Medium : Acrylic on Canvas