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Golden Heart

Golden Heart


Title : "Golden Heart "
This one is my humble message for one and all, hope you can read the tiny little messages..

This artwork is to show love and spread love. This artwork have so many small hearts saying some messages and telling us how we can be a Golden Heart. As life goes we all get into some type of prejudiced nature (the boxes in artwork) , we all should take a moment and reflect on our actions, by being a big Golden Heart we can achieve inner peace and stay Happy forever, since happiness is very subjective for each individual.

 This artwork is to showcase how being a Golden heart makes us Loving and caring towards everyone around, we accept the things easily and by also loving imperfections and forgiving other for their wrongs, we can achieve the inner peace. I wish to celebrate Love season with a big Golden heart. 

This time the world need more love then ever before.. since people did not get second chance to say so much and had to face a lot of pain during recent times. We should never keep any regrets, be a Golden heart and spread love, Life will be more meaningful.. Peace and Love 🙏

This Golden Heart has been displayed at Picasso Gallery in Dubai , in event called "Blissful ness" in Feb 2021


This Golden Heart painting is now a part of 해금강테마박물관 HAEGEUMGANG THEME MUSEUM , SOuth Korea, 

It ws submitted and selected by Jury for subject " Peace again " after the Pendamic.

  • Painting Details

    Painting Title : Golden Heart by Snehita 

    Size : 70x100CM 

    Medium : Acrylic, Markers, Glitters on Canvas , Stretched. 


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