This painting tells the story how UAE as a country has grown over the years and has very inspiring and evolutionary journey. some of the highlights I Imagined to put together in this piece.
It starts from very tough pearl diving without any equipments, when diver would put a wooden clip on their nose and dive in with a net bag around their neck to collect oyester's shells and pearls and come with the help of rope pulling them up again..
And from sand dunes to skyscrapers the growth is remarkable.Now its one of the best travel destinations, where flights from every corner of the world is welcome and have sky diving and zip line for adventure seeking souls. also has many of the world records including the tallest building Burj khalifa , Luxurious hotel like Burj Al Arab, and also has touched space by Emirati astraunout, And to frame everything together we have Dubai frame building ,This evolution definitely need powerful and visionary leaders. Totally insipired by the leaders and how the country people love and respect them so much..

This is my humble attempt to showcase the journey of UAE.
Tried my Imagination to put up on canvas with so much love and respect for this place, and I have also made the frame similar to Dubai Frame building.
This is on 50x70 cm canvas stretched on wooden frame.
Medium : Acrylic colours

UAE Journey by Snehita ( SOLD)

  • Painting Size : 50x70 CM  OR 19.6 inches x 27.5 Inches

    Wooden Frame, Stretched Canvas

    Medium : Acrylic on Canvas