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Red Oil Paint

एक प्रशंसापत्र जोड़ें

we'd be honored if you could share your thoughts on our painting services , Art class . Your testimonial helps us paint a better picture for others. 

सबमिट करने के लिए धन्यवाद!

Damini Mitawalkar

Got this beautiful and full of positivity piece of handmade art by Snehita.. it is not only adding up to the aesthetics of the room but is bringing in a lot of charm and sense of hope and infinity... Many thanks to the delightful painter herself.. Snehita❤️

Kalpana Soni

Snehita, is an amazing Artist, all the hard work she puts in to all the pieces , it really shows Your work always brings smile to my face. Your style evokes so many emotions, it's just beautiful

Mayur Shah , Bestunes 

Snehita an extremely talented artist/painter. In fact her whole family is into painting. She is passionate and dedicated person. Her mural at our Beatunes car showroom is being appreciated by one and all who visit our showroom. Her talent is par excellence.

Divyata Rajaram,


" IDEATREE was delighted to work with artist Snehita for our Art Brunch event at MOGAO by Socialicious ! Snehita is an extremely talented and versatile artist and conducted our event to perfection. It was genuinely a very pleasant experience to work with her and we look forward to many more collaborative events in future. Thank you so much Snehita for making our event a great success ! Divyata Rajaram Leona Collins IDEATREE

Sudeshna Mukherjee

She is an amazing artist..The beauty of her soul is reflected in her work..Her Mural arts are brilliant and breathtaking....It's always a pleasure to see her paintings and artworks..

Sushmita Reyaansh

Snehita and her Luxyflare Art is just amazing. Her Art brings Positive vibes to your home. She puts all her heart & soul in the painting. It is soothing to the eyes, relaxing your mind and rejuvenate you 🎉💝 Thank you Snehita for the lovely paintings. I hope to see more of them. Keep going girl. Highly appreciated and recommended 💕

Janna Togyzbaeva

I would like to say thank you to Snehita for amazing class of art 😊 Her detailed explanation of all the steps helped me to paint like Picasso 😄

Shivani Asthana

What should I say to compliment this start with I want to say how lively, positive and smiling personality she has...I loved discussing my vision with her and along with her expertise and talent, we came up with the absolute stunning piece which proudly adorns my living room...her patience, dedication and perseverance is unmatched...her talent is boundless and limitless....I loved interacting with her and with every stroke of her brush, she cemented my belief that I made the right choice in choosing her...I wish her world's luck, success and prosperity....more power to her positivity, talent and dedication...loads of love ❤️

Gauri Dhurde

I know Snehita from 3yrs and her art is getting beautiful day by day.The way she teaches is outstanding 😀learnt a lot from her paintings and from her.Keep the good work up Snehita.Looking forward🤝Best wishes

Raisa Rajan

Admire your artworks !! Keep doing more and more !! All the best …😍😍

Elisabeth Ash

This experience is something i was looking for for a really long time ! I love art , and in the same manner i love food ! this event was able to unite the beauty of art and food together into one brunch with a purpose !


Snehita was a pleasure to work with - I trusted my wall with her ideas and inspirations, and just confirmed the colors with her - the rest was her magic ! Thank you so much for the beautiful mural, and looking forward to working with you in the future!!
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